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The Revelations Quartet
The Revelations Quartet

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So who is at the heart of The Revelations Quartet ministry organized April 24, 1981? GOD!  Stan Runnels says, “We sincerely believe we are doing what we were put on earth to do. We want our audiences to have a good time but it is most important that they hear the message in each song.”"The key is to never lose sight of what we are working towards," says Mike Welch, baritone singer."We tour year in and year out to spread our music to people across the states. Our music has a message, the message of Christ. Every weekend we work to bring His message to our audience. Our goal is to see people saved through Jesus Christ whether it is indoors, outdoors, in an auditorium, church or recorded music."

While many groups today add a lot of flair or vocal gymnastics to their singing, The Revelations Quartet is proof that you can stand there flat-footed, sing from the heart, and still bring a tear to the eye of those needing encouragement. The group would like to thank their wives for taking their children to church all those Sundays when they could not be there. They have sacrificed so much through these years, and we could never have done this for so long without their support and faith. You know, today our children are taking their children to church and are becoming strong in their faith and walk with the Lord. Let us take a closer look at the four men who make up this remarkable group and who has recorded twelve projects with two songs going on the Singing News charts.

Stan Runnels is from Florence, MS, sings lead, and serves as manager of the group. He works at Frierson Bailey Building Supply Company of Jackson, MS as an outside sales representative. He writes some of the songs the group sings.  He has been singing for over 30 years. He and his late wife, Alenda, have two children and three grandchildren.  He is a member of Briar Hill Baptist Church, Florence, MS. Alenda passed away May 4, 2009 with ovarian cancer, from which she had been battling for nine years. She and Stan are the pillar stones of this group who never let us forget the purpose of our ministry – “To plant the seed and see souls saved!”

Henry Wood is from Brandon, MS and sings bass. Henry has been singing gospel music for 55 years, recorded over 350 songs, and written three songs. Some of the groups Henry has sung with through the years are Masters Quartet, Magnolia State, Deep South Boys, Obadiah, Diplomats Quartet, Sims Brothers, Southland Boys, The Bibletones, New Wine Quartet, The Gospel Messengers, Concords, and now The Revelations Quartet. Performances include the National Quartet Convention, 25 TV shows in North Carolina, several showcases at the National Quartet Convention, sung the National Anthem for four years at the Dixie National Rodeo, front for Hank Williams, Jr. and Conway Twitty, March of Dimes Telethon and others. His motto is, “God, family and friends” and “if I can help someone along the way, then my living shall not be in vain.” Henry and his wife, Nelda, have three sons and eight grandchildren. He is a member of Lakeshore Methodist Church, Byram, MS. 

Chad Savage is from Collins, MS and sings tenor. Chad has been singing tenor for the past 22 years; former groups he has been associated with are Obadiah, Forgiven by Grace, Mercy River, and Masters Harmony and now The Revelations Quartet.  The singers Chad tries to pattern himself after are the old southern greats like Rosie Roselle, Ernie Phillips, Gary Shepherd, Danny Funderburke, Johnny Parrack, and many others.  The most influence in his life has been the love and support of his father, children and close friends.

Mike Welch is from Mendenhall, MS and sings baritone.  Mike is equally talented as a singer, songwriter, and musician. He composes some of the sound tracks you hear during the concerts.  Mike has been in gospel music for over 35 years former groups he has been associated with are The Southern Envoys and The Southland Boys.  Mike has been with The Revelations Quartet over 12 years.  He and his wife, Brenda, have two children and four grandchildren. They are members of Rials Creek United Methodist Church, Magee, MS. They own and operate Cedar Ridge Recording Studio in Pinola, MS. 

For Bookings Call: Stan Runnels, Manager @ 601.720.8870 or email

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