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Gospel Gigs - Event Details
Event Details

Roger Barkley Jr & The Redemption Band
Gospel Music FanFair

Visit Roger Barkley Jr & The Redemption Band Homepage

Event Information:   he new Gospel Music FanFair will premier at the state-of-the-art theatre of The Center for Rural Development in Somerset, Kentucky. The prestigious Center is located in the heart of the beautiful Lake Cumberland. The theatre is the `crown jewel and showpiece’ of The Center, where some of the top names in music have performed including the world-renowned National Symphony Orchestra.

On-site parking and plenty of nearby hotel accommodations will ensure convenience to artists, vendors, and fans. And in addition to all the outdoor fun of Lake Cumberland, Somerset offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants and attractions suitable for the entire family.

The Gospel Music FanFair is scheduled to take place May 9-14, 2014.

Randall Wilds, CEO of Wilds & Associates, states, “We believe these changes will result in a very positive experience for attendees. Everyone is cordially invited to join us for this special 10th anniversary event as we continue the tradition of Gospel music, fellowship and family fun - creating wonderful memories for years to come.”

For more information, call Wilds & Associates at 205-662-4826.
Event Date:   May 11 2023
Event Start Time:   10:00 a.m
Venue Name:   Center For Rural Development Convention Center
Venue Address:   2292 U.S. 27 #300
City:   Somerset
State/Providence:   KY
Zip/Postal Code:   42501
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Contact Person:   Roger Barkley Jr
Contact Phone:   ()-
Contact E-mail:   http://gospelmusicfanfair.com/