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Gospel Gigs - Event Details
Event Details

Christian Acoustic Music Open-mic
Christian Acoustic Music Open-Mic at the Torch

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Event Information:   Open to all skill levels of Christian musicians who are willing to use their God given talent to minister to others and to further the kingdom of Jesus Christ through song. Also, open to those who enjoy being ministered to by Godly music.

For performers: All music is to be Christian music; your songs, conduct, & appearance are to bring honor & glory to Jesus Christ and minister to others in a Godly manner. We request that women wear modest dresses/skirts and that men wear long pants. We also request that dresses/blouses/shirts have sleeves and no low necklines.

The venue has a small coffeehouse atmosphere with a small stage, room for tuning, keyboard for pianists, 4 microphones with stands, sheet music stands, & stools. No drum sets allowed; hand drums/percussion are permitted. Acoustic instruments permitted; a cappella music also encouraged. Sign up time is 6:30pm - 6:55pm. The first 10 signups are guaranteed a time to sing at least 2 songs.
Event Date:   May 05 2024
Event Start Time:   7:00 p.m
Admission:   No Admission  
Venue Name:   Torch Community Center
Venue Address:   2846 Main Street
City:   Morgantown
State/Providence:   PA
Zip/Postal Code:   19543
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Contact Person:   Roland Zimmerman
Contact Phone:   (717)354-6804
Contact E-mail:   email.camot@yahoo.com