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We are the mccrays. We don’t have a very fancy name; it’s just who we are - a family who ministers for the sole purpose of bringing praise, honor and glory to the one true God! He has given us a sound that is unique and all our own with an emphasis on harmony. Our performances include a mixture of old and contemporary Southern and Bluegrass Gospel. We are energetic and lively, yet serious about proclaiming God’s mercy to all people. We love Jesus and we want others to come to know Him also!

Ken and Andréa McCray have been singing together in churches and revivals since 1985 when they first met and were married in 1987. As the children came along each was added to the group as soon as they were able to sing at 3 to 4 years of age. Ken answered God’s call to make the music ministry our main focus in 2005, thus forming the mccrays. Ken sings the bass harmony while mainly playing keyboard or banjo.  Andréa does most of the speaking in between songs. She tries to tie our songs into a running gospel message particular to each listening audience. She sings lead for many of our songs and alto harmony on some of the others.

Most of the time on the mandolin and as of recently, the fiddle, Jessica, switches off singing lead with her mom, singing harmony on everything else. She is a gifted songwriter, who uses her talent to glorify God!

Samuel our oldest son is our drummer and main rhythm guitarist. He sings the tenor harmony and lead. God has blessed Samuel with the gift of preaching, and thus comes B2G Ministries (Back to God); the preaching & evangelism extension of the mccrays’ ministry.

Hannah plays the stand-up bass.  She sings soprano and alto harmony with an occasional solo.

And finally… last, but not least! Sometimes on guitar, sometimes on mandolin, as of late trying to learn bass, full of energy and always the cute one, Matthew is our youngest child. Matthew mostly sings harmony, but in each set we normally find time for him to steal the audience with a solo!


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