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The Littles

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The Littles

The Littles, of Monroe, NC, are quickly becoming a favorite among family groups in Christian music. Their progressive style of gospel music built around great arrangements, close family harmony, and strong vocals is sure to minister to audiences of all ages. Traveling predominately on a local level for the past five years, the Littles are currently expanding their ministry and now available to sing wherever opportunities present. They have recently completed their first recording for national release that also includes the first promotion to radio for the group. Whether in a church service or on a concert stage, the Littles are certain to encourage believers in their walk with Christ and challenge unbelievers to come to Him.

Meet Jack

Jack has always had a tremendous love for music. At 11 years of age he began playing bass guitar and soon after began playing 6 string guitar. From age 15 to 22 he played and sang with several secular groups in his home town. Since coming to know Christ in 1987, his focus has switched from secular to Christian. After listening to a record by the Singing Americans, he fell in love with the harmonies and message of gospel music. Soon after he began singing in church as a soloist and with different groups that included his wife. In 2006 Jack, Jan, and Rebecca began traveling as a family. His desire is to be used of the Lord to tell His story of salvation through Christ and sing His praise. 


Jack is also an ordained Baptist Minister and has served for over 17 years in full time Christian ministry as pastor or minister of music.  He continues to maintain an active itinerant preaching ministry.    

Meet Jan

Jan is the daughter of a minister of music and grand-daughter of a Baptist pastor.  She essentially grew up in church. Jan began singing alto with her mother and father, Jim and Becky Luther, at the age of 8. Traveling in NC, SC, and VA, she quickly developed a love for singing. Interestingly, while she grew up in church it wasn’t until 1987, after attending a revival service, that Jan gave her heart and life to the Lord Jesus. Jan’s desire is to use her gifts and talents for Christ. You will love Jan’s rich, warm voice.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca began singing with her parents in 2006 at age 16. Her great love for singing has compelled her to work diligently over the past 6 years at developing her voice. Through countless hours of personal practice time and private instruction with some of the best vocalists in gospel music, Rebecca is positioned to be a great force in Christian music for the Lord. Her desire is best summed up in the song “Hold Me” where she sings, “…but oh how much I want to serve You… so I’ll follow as You lead the way knowing You’re not far away”.

To schedule the music ministry of The Littles you may call 704-221-0707, e-mail, or visit our website at and complete an online scheduling request.

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Jan 24 2019
10:30 a.m
Concert Hudson FL