Sojourner Quartet of Findlay, OH

Sojourner Quartet
Sojourner Quartet

Sojourner is a Christian music ministry based in Findlay, Ohio and is made up of five born again Christian friends. All carrying strong biblical beliefs and worship the only living God. Believing that Jesus is the only way to see eternity in Heaven, we are saved by His grace, cleansed of our sins by the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ.

Sojourner began in 1991 as a contemporary Christian group. The group’s members played their own instruments and wrote many of the songs they played. They recorded their first project of original music in 1992. As their popularity spread, they began to play around northwest Ohio and Michigan at a number of churches and community festivals. Over the years, changes have come with members and music style. The ministry grew and the schedule grew as well, their biggest year seeing 160 services covering 22 states and 55,000 miles. The group has completed several projects and has been blessed to have recorded in places like Gaither Studios, Brownwood, Hilltop Studios, Southern Sound, Summit Studios and others. Sojourner has also been blessed to have recorded with some of the greatest musicians in gospel music. Over the years, several songs have seen some charting success both in the USA and Europe.

The group has traveled from New York to Kansas, Michigan to Florida and has had the opportunity to sing on Gospel cruises traveling the Bahamas, Mexico and Belize. The group is also honored to have had the opportunity to share the platform with The Hoppers, Ivan Parker, New Journey, Lighthouse, The Crabb Family, The Booth Brothers, Palmetto State Quartet, the Isaacs, the Talley Trio and many others.

Sojourner offers a unique combination, presenting the Gospel through His Word, song and personal testimony. Having seen many lives changed, the group continues to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. They offer a diverse background that they are willing to share. Blue collar, white collar and professional; with ages spanning thirty years, sharing personal testimonies about family, employment, tragedy and God’s work in them.  

“Believers completely devoted to Jesus Christ not only through their music ministry, but through their personal lives, as well. Their mission is to glorify God, the Father, by witnessing the gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ to as many people as possible, regardless of their denomination, through their music and personal testimony.”

TENOR : Scott Kapple

LEAD : Mark Caudill


BASS : Larry Counterman

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