Southern Gospel Music Association of Mississippi

Southern Gospel Music Association
Southern Gospel Music Association

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The Southern Gospel Music Association of Mississippi was founded to encourage support between music ministries and provide an avenue for cooperation.  Since it`s inception in 2010 it has served to promote Gospel music throughout the state of Mississippi, bring ministries closer together in service to Christ and provide new opportunities for its member ministries.  The ministries belonging to the S.G.M.A.M. are as varied as the methods in which we may worship.  The membership ranges from smooth professionalism to edgy down-home styles filled with enthusiasm.

 The S.G.M.A.M. has meetings four times a year.  Every year these meetings are held on the second Saturday in January, April, July and October, with singings using the talents of the membership following.  The locations for the meetings are moved around the state to provide an opportunity for everyone to have meetings close to home and to receive exposure away from home.  These meetings are planned a year in advance so all members can have plenty of time to make other bookings in the area if desired.

The Association is operated by elected officers, with term limits on the office of the President.  This ensures no one ministry will ever control the association, but it will always be run by a variety of ministries.

Everyone involved in Gospel music ministries is welcome to come to our meetings and the singings that follow.

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