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Fresh Anointing
Fresh Anointing

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Out of the small south Alabama town of Andalusia comes a new young southern gospel group called Fresh Anointing. Formed when a youth minister of over 7 years answered the call God had placed on his life, David Wiggins stepped out in faith when God gave him the vision of a group of young people ministering through the avenue of southern gospel music. Over ten years later, God is still pouring out His blessings and using this ministry to touch people everywhere.

The primary focus of this new group is to be used by the Holy Spirit in each and every service to promote a sense of revival in the hearts and lives of everyone in their presence. Being set free, delivered, healed, and restored are just a few of the joys that can be shared in the Lord during Fresh Anointing’s ministry in song and testimony.

Fresh Anointing’s Mission Statement:

“Our Mission is to see souls saved, Christians encouraged and Jesus Christ lifted up in praise, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We pray that something that we sing, say or do will help draw someone closer to Jesus. We intend our music to be a ministry, not just to entertain. We open ourselves to sing anywhere that we can share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope to set an example for a younger generation, so that they can stand tall for what they believe and never be ashamed of the gospel.”

 The Meet The Group Lead & Alto Vocalist Casey Williams delivers an incredible dominant voice that lends itself to some of the power ballads in Fresh Anointing’s repertoire. Casey’s ability to convey the significance of the lyrics in a song is astonishing. She continues to strive for excellence in her vocal ability and in her daily spiritual walk with God. Casey’s personal testimony is one of turmoil and of a misled youth. Casey now knows the true meaning of Christ and what she has to look forward to in her ultimate retirement plan. The joy of Lord is her strength and her energetic spirit is contagious and invigorating. Casey and her husband Bobo make their home in Opp, AL. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Michael Frank and his wife have made their residence in Andalusia, AL. Michael brings such a smooth and rich baritone part to the trio, tying all three voices together in beautiful harmony. Michael’s ear for music and composition is astounding at times. A unique singing style is one of Michael’s many characteristics. He serves not only in the position of baritone singer, but as bus driver/mechanic and sound technician. His skills both on and off the stage are an invaluable asset to the group. Growing up in a Christian home, Michael’s faith in God has been unshakeable and he displays his love for Christ in every action. Fresh Anointing’s Lead Vocalist and Manager is David Wiggins. His ability to lead and direct this young southern gospel group has defined them as “A New Generation of Southern Gospel”. To share God’s plan of salvation and purpose in life through a young southern gospel music group is refreshing. David brings a vibrant solid voice to the stage every time and never fails to minister. Always giving the opportunity for salvation is Fresh Anointing’s objective. David’s disposition and heartfelt sincerity towards reconciliation with God are fierce qualities that are expressed in love and understanding. David, his wife and two children live in Andalusia, AL Jenny Berens - The newest member of this group resides in Panama City, FL where she is an active member of Refugee Full Gospel Assembly Of God Church. She was raised in a Christian home and grew up singingin churchwith her family. As a teenager, Jenny found her calling singing and playing the pianoin a ministry capacity. She enjoys writing and arranging music, as well as working for other artist in the recording stuio doing background vocals. Jenny has witnessed first hand the power of Godwhen He healed her mother of cancer instantaneously after 3 1/2 years of suffering. Her mother is now full-time evangelist! Her one desire is to walk in God`s will and to see souls savedor lives changed. Jenny is also the proud mother of two, Ben and Karter.

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