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Kenneth Gay
Kenneth Gay

 A little Bio On Myself.
I`m still working on this rough draft, so please excuse any errors !
My name is Kenneth Gay
I am originally from Macon Georgia.

I started on the guitar at around 10 or 11, and listened and played along with Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins,
Elvis, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Hank Garland, Merle Travis, Joe Maphis on & on & on etc.

I spent over 20 years in my younger days playing rock, top 40, jazz-bossa nova & country, in night clubs, on TV etc.,  and was called out of that by God in 1973, when Jesus quickened my spirit and drove me to a choice of the music  I had loved so long, or serving Him, and thankfully He won out, and I totally quit music for close to twenty seven years. ( Telling my age?  Ha ha.)
For over 10 years I hardly listened to a radio, and quit playing totally and wanted nothing more to do with it.
I told my wife that God was cleaning the trash out of my mind & spirit !
To make a long story ( sorta) short, and after a 27 year retreat from music, I wound up in Coker Creek Tennessee, and was loaned a bluegrass Gospel video by a neighbor. I had told my wife for some time that if I picked  up the guitar again, I would use my talent to glorify God.

After hearing the bluegrass Gospel, it inspired me to go out and get a guitar, and for the last couple of  years I have been wood-shedding and trying to get my hands and voice back in shape.

At 65 (old, but not dead, ha ha), it has been a struggle, but God is letting it happen.

I played around in Churches & various benefits for needy families,  here in Monroe County Tennessee, with some other old guys for a several months, and  played at Hiawassee Dam Community Center in NC, as an opener for the Art & Craft Festival, and was well received because of the OLD church music I play, mixed with some of the semi-bluegrass Gospel &  Southern Gospel e.g.,  Goodby World Goodby ,Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies, Are You Afraid To Die, Just Hold On A Little Longer etc.

Two years ago, I was called to play at a street festival in Copperhill, due to
an artist at the Hiwassee Dam Art & Craft Festival that liked my singing, and gave my card to the lady in charge of the function  We wound up on the veranda by the river for a couple of hours with everyone really enjoying the old Gospel songs.

Also did Tellico Plains Tennessee, 4th of July on the square down town, for a couple of hours, opening for the square dance  group.

Here`s a link of what I was doing in Miami in 1965,  when I appeared on the Jackie Gleason
Show with Wayne Cochran and his 10 piece band with 2 drummers, the C.C. Riders.
We were the house attraction at The Barn on 79th Street Causeway in Miami.
We played everything from Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass, to James Brown;  a very talented, versatile group we had back then.
Check out the BAT MAN capes we wore ! Ha ha ha. What a laugh.
I`m the skinny picker on the far left.
If you watch the video, you`re gonna love the phony club setting, with actors etc.

Later in Atlanta (early 1970s),  I was in the house band at Scarlet O`hara`s in Underground Atlanta.
That band played a function at an old barn in south Atlanta (East Point) and opened a show for Barbara Mandrell, who actually did her own steel guitar pickin` at that time.
Before she went on to do her show, she came over and offered me a job as lead
picker for her, and for the life of me, I can`t remember what was going on in my life then, but I turned her down. ( Say what  ..... ? Yep. It`s true. )

I was also offered a job by the musical group Hair, when they appeared in Underground Atlanta, which I had NO TROUBLE turning down. Ha Ha.
I have now completed a demo CD with 12 songs on it, and  have  completed my self-produced CD,  Jesus Will Carry You Through, which is also the title of one of the songs.   It has 10 Gospel Songs - all I play is Gospel - 4 of the songs were written by me in 1982.
  [ The others are old Gospel songs in the Public Domain. ]
Also, I`m digging up some more old Gospel songs I wrote over 2o years ago, and would like to get them recorded soon.
I play and sing at King`s Market in Murphy North Carolina, nearly every Tuesday,
[ except during cold weather ]  while my wife sells her art.

I have played at John Campbell Folk School Fall Festival in Brasstown (Murphy, North Carolina for the last five years, and am scheduled again this year. Have been invited to play at Georgia Mountain Fair in Hiawassee Georgia for the last two years, which I declined because I didn`t care to travel the distance to play one song !
Also, in 2009, I made three appearances on the Cherie Martin North Georgia Today TV  show, in Elijay Georgia.

The Nazarene Church of Niota Tennessee honored me by having me play their Annual Homecoming  two years, and I recently played for Forkner Methodist Homecoming in Sweetwater.
  I played the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Athens Tennesee several times. 
My CD was selected by their radio station in Athens Tennessee for airplay on their church station.
In December of 2011, Mr. Joe Dickey, owner of Cider House Restuarant in McCaysville Georgia, invited me to Bethany Church in Epworth Georgia, and again in April 2012.

On 4 August 2012, I was priveleged to sing at Fields Of The Wood Bible Park in the Burger Cafe outside Murphy North Carolina, which  led to three more appearances there in September.  You can go there on Sundays starting at 12 Noon, and have lunch and listen to LIVE GOSPEL MUSIC only.

 I`m always honored for the opportunity to publicly glorify God and  Jesus Christ with my testimony of Salvation and music.

My heartfelt desire is to witness to young people about the music they`re listening to and the spiritual dangers of Rock music.

Contact me at:

To donate to my ministry of trying to keep old church music and Gospel music alive, contact me at the eMail address above.

I`m currently working on a new CD entitled Birth Of Jesus Songs, which I hope to have completed in a couple of months.

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