Josh and Ashley Franks of Savannah, TN

Josh and Ashley Franks
Josh and Ashley Franks

JOSH AND ASHLEY FRANKS are an anointed husband/wife team whom traveled separate ways to become one dynamic duet. JOSH FRANKS began a ministry at a very young age traveling as a soloist and evangelist. While a soloist he won 3 of the top talent contest in gospel music. Josh is known for his powerful vocal ability, exciting emceeing, and his "holy ghost filled" revival meetings. God has blessed Josh in more ways than singing and preaching. He is also a gifted musican who have never had a lesson and able to play just about any instrument he wants. About 10-12 times a year, Josh works hard promoting Gospel Music Events. He and Ashley have hosted such groups as Booth Brothers, the Hoppers, Triumphant Qt, the Perrys, Gold City, Primitive Qt, McKameys, Greater Vision, Kingsmen Qt, Karen Peck & New River, Ivan Parker, and Kingdom Heirs just to name a few. Josh was also recently elected to serve a second term as a Advisory Board Member of the Southern Gospel Music Association. In September, 2006, Josh`s life would begin to change as he would met, what he didn`t know at the time, the love of his life, ASHLEY FRANKS. When Josh and Ashley met she was traveling with, Hope`s Journey, the group Ashley and her mother started. Ashley had been on the road for a little over four years. She has a sweet, gentle spirit about her while delievering her songs in a soft, yet powerful voice. Many of the songs recorded and sung by the Franks have been written by Ashley. God has given Ashley a gift to write songs. Ashley has also written songs which were recorded by the Kingsmen Qt, Diplomats, the Kellys, New Desire and others. When JOSH AND ASHLEY met, they had no idea just how much their lives were going to change. They began to see more and more until in February, 2007, Josh would ask Ashley to marry him. She very happily accepted and they were united in marriage on December 8, 2007. JOSH AND ASHLEY have two precious children. Daughter, PRISCILLA ROSE was born on January 5, 2011 and son, JOSHUA ELI was born on November 20, 2013 If you have never heard JOSH & ASHLEY FRANKS, get ready to be moved by some anointed and exciting music and ministry.

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