The Barn Again Gang of House Springs, MO

The Barn Again Gang
The Barn Again Gang

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Why the name "Barn Again Gang" ?

When God first put this group together, we met in my barn to practice. Each week someone would ask where we were going to practice and I would answer, "in the barn again".  When it came time to pick a name, it seemed that every name had already been taken.  Someone suggested `The Barn Gang`, and since I like a play on words, I said "how about The Barn Again Gang"?.  And so it came to be - in order to be in this group you have to be Born Again and Barn Again.

After things got rolling and we were singing in various places, people would always ask about our name.  I began to wonder if we had made a mistake and that the name sounded `corny`.  Then I started thinking about the old saying used when somebody leaves a door open - "Were you raised in a barn?"  Since this "group" was born and raised in a barn and our door is always open to everyone, especially those hurting and in need, the name fit us.

There is another person who comes to mind that was born in a barn (manger).  He is our King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He is the "Soul" purpose of this group.  It is our greatest desire to share His Gospel in word and song that lives might be touched and changed by the love of Jesus Christ.

May God`s richest blessings be upon you,

Gene Penuel (the Gang leader)

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