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Gospel Gigs - Event Details
Event Details

4 His Love
Twin Cities Quartet Convention

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Event Information:   Admission in advance is $23.00 per person per day, or $40.00 per person for both days. Admission at the door is $25.00 per person per day. To order tickets online (credit card only!), go to www.twincitiesquartetcomvention.com and click on the "Tickets" tab. 4 His Love will be singing approximately 5:15pm on Saturday afternoon. Complete Saturday lineup includes (NOT in this order): The Chancellors Quartet 4 His Love Sweetwater Revival Southern Faith Trio Master`s Voice Quartet Still Water Quartet Forgiven Quartet Shoal Creek Revival Quartet The Garms Family Higher Call Quartet Higher Power Quartet For additional information, you may contact 4 His Love directly: Phone: 816-500-7284 or 816-217-3085 Email: 4HisLoveQuartet@gmail.com Website: www.4HisLove.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/4HisLove
Event Date:   May 04 2019
Event Start Time:   11:00 a.m
Admission:   Ticketed Event   see below
Venue Name:   Discover Church
Venue Address:   14300 W. Burnsville Pkwy
City:   Burnsville
State/Providence:   MN
Zip/Postal Code:   55306
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Contact Person:   The Chancellors
Contact Phone:   (800)558-6475
Contact E-mail:   info@twincitiesquartetconvention.com